Sample Essay

The balanced scorecard has been brought into use as the groundwork for the establishment of the methodology in question. By reflecting on the relevance of the balanced scorecard, the authors manage to shed a significant amount of light on the long and short term role that strategic processes play for an organization (Hanafizadeh and Moayer 2008). Communication of mission, assignment of value to the financial perspective, customer perspective with respect to market segments and the process of learning as it supplements the process of growth have been identified as the four fundamental characteristics of the strategic process that the balanced scorecard shall assist in the exploration of.

As section two begins, the authors once more identify limited resources as primary research motivation. The section begins with a direct presentation of the process through which an organization can focus on its objectives (Hanafizadeh and Moayer 2008). As groundwork for this section, the reader is referred to the case study that has been presented later in the paper.

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