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Mathematics is one of the most fundamental of all the sciences governing our universe. Imagine our own world without it- if we didn’t know about addition and subtraction and the various calculations, none of the worlds would have been the way it is. It the mathematics that has made mankind learn so much about the universe, ocean depths, earthquake intensities etc.  Here an important question arises; is math essentially a part of nature or was it developed to actually understand and interpret nature?

Diverse opinions exist in this regard. Some believe math was developed by man intentionally with the purpose of understanding this giant network laid by god. The reason for them to think this way is if math was part of nature, then man would have been born with a natural understanding for it but man instead, has to take classes and think and learn math.

Though math does help us in measuring the out and about nature, yet it is one of the most unspecific ways of actually measuring nature. This is because other sciences like physics and chemistry measure and study about the actual components of our universe. Physics can tell us which force is acting where and why. Chemistry can tell us about the various chemical reactions occurring throughout our universe and their consequences. Math, on the other hand, is merely a number game. It only helps to measure and estimate. Hence it is a generic science applicable to all other sciences and that’s what the magic is math is.

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