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Capital punishment means death sentence awarded against the crime of committing murder. Capital punishment for juveniles is only used to stop further occurrence of crimes which are awarded capital punishment, today the media plays.

significant role influencing the public opinion, which is mostly affected by viewing and hearing the highly publicized reports and news through the media.

Public opinion is the result of the effects of the crime that has been committed, The fear of setting free of such a person who has committed a crime as murder, is the fear of the society, the public does not want such a person among them, and thus the society advocates the capital punishment and eliminating their fear altogether, the public opinion

‘for’ and ‘against’ the capital punishment has not changed the number of crimes and murders committed today.

Capital punishment cannot be retained or abolished based on public opinion as people are not of the same opinion, some agree with capital punishment and some believe the offender should be detained in rehabilitation and correction centers, it is very difficult to decide in a matter of few hours as to whether such corporal punishment should be retained or abolished.

Public opinion is unanimously expressed, it may be or may not valuable as crimes are judged by evidence, public opinion is not based on evidential value, as it is based on emotions and lacks reasons, based only on public opinion, capital punishment cannot be abolished or retained, public is devastated only when a brutal murder takes place, and media exposes all the different angles involved in the brutality such exploitation of emotions of the people proves that public opinion is mostly the result of emotions and not evidences or reasons as people are alarmed and will not accept a lesser punishment to be awarded in the case of brutal murders.

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