Essay on Public Health and its Exploitation

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Abstract: this essay talks about how the importance of public health and how diseases have the likelihood of spreading due to people’s unawareness and behavior.

There are social as well as political systems which have an influence and impact on the safety as well as the health of people all around the world. Public health policies made on an international level all have an impact on people. Back in time, these international policies were created with relying on classified systems of sexuality, nationality, gender and economic class. Not only were these systems relied upon, they were exploited to a great extent too. The correlation which exists between behaviors is what is prevalent amongst the social groupings and it is this correlation which is likely to cause diseases to become transmitted and for people to get infested. In January of 2004, there was a radical change in the policies as far as public health was concerned (World Health Organization). The prevention of violence and its impact on health was also studied in 2004 (World Report). Rather than focusing a great deal on national and international trends, the World Health Organization decided on expanding their policies and increasing those resources which were focused on the support and experiences which individuals had rather than focusing on the experiences which groups had. Giving value to individuals and their experiences is something which has the ability to change the public health system…

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