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As a nurse in the medical field, I have access to people and groups who are part of the primary care sector. Women are the ones who generally make use of primary care more often than men. This is particularly due to them having specific roles within the family which comprise of maternity care and screening services which are currently in use which specifically target the health of women (Wall and Owen). A practice audit conducted showed results similar to what Wall and Owen had to say. Men are generally more reserved when it comes to accessing health care. They are unlikely to make use of health services whether they need the services or their family does. They are also unlikely to talk about any health problems with their close friends and family which they may be experiencing (Annandale and Hunt). The health of men is rarely studied while health relating to the elderly and young men is researched to a greater extent (Sharpe et al). Therefore in order to find out the inequality in the two genders making use of health care services and in order to highlight the needs of middle-aged men as far as health is concerned; the target group of this assignment is men aged 35-54.

Characteristics and profiles of the target group

A health profile regarding the…

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