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As this disease progresses, issues in theoretical thinking and additional rational functions increase. The individual might start to have difficulty with numbers when calculating bills, have difficulty understanding while reading, or with categorizing the days work. Additional conflicts in actions and appearance might also be somewhat evident at this point, such as anxiety, petulance, confrontational, and the loss of the  ability to dress properly.

As the condition gets worse individuals may lose orientation and forget the date and time of the month, day or year. They may even forget their own residential address or the last place visited.

As time passes an Alzheimer’s patient may lose control over certain body functions, be unable to hold a conversation or thought, develop serious mood swings and become increasingly difficult to manage. This continues to such a point that they unfortunately lose total ability to take care for themselves.

In the final stages the patient usually gets affected by another disease such as pneumonia or any other infection that causes serious damage to health. Due to the already deteriorated state of the body and total incapability to take care of itself, death is most likely. (Devlin pp. 146-155)

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