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The UK higher education sector has introduced some new programme formats which they are marketing to international students.  One of these new formats includes recognising the importance of transferable skills (UKCGE 1999) by having professional doctorates which the international student will be able to use in their home country.

Another new format is that of the 12 month taught masters degree which can be used to prepare for a research degree or as specialist training (UKCGE 1999).  These new formats are being marketed to counteract the negativity surrounding previous degrees which did not benefit the international students’ home countries.  However, one could also say that these changes are in response to the globalisation of education, where course formats have to become competitive by offering certain features and advantages over others (Van Damme 2001).  For example, the 12 month degree programme could appeal to students looking to cut the costs of doing their degree, however, one also has to consider whether this will affect the quality and standard of the degree, in much the same way that online degrees have been questioned.

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