Essay: Problems with traditional testing methods

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Abstract: there are certainly many problems within the educational system which must be adjusted if children are to receive a better education and future.

What are the major concerns which surround the traditional methods of testing? These methods have been used by people for many years and no one complained about them until only recently. This is perhaps due to citizens having become more concerned and compassionate about students within their society and their needs as far as academics are concerned. The ‘No Child Left Behind Act’ of 2002 received much praise from people as it addressed the concerns which many people had within different communities within the United States of America (President George W. Bush). Despite not being a perfect act, it still shows that parents, teachers, and students all want to change to occur within the schooling system. There are a great number of parents calling in and complaining about the exams which their children have to take; the numbers are high to an extent that they have become a cause for concern (Report). The recent act, however, focuses more on the individuality of each student and that each is different from the other. For good teaching to take place and for children to be able to learn well in a place which is based on equality, changes need to be made to a great extent. The ERIC- Educational Resources Information Center states that assessment is…

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