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Free medical service support patients in seeking medical help more easily and adopt preventative measures, and also deal with problems at earlier stages, when the treatment is not very complicated. At present patients usually avoid going for preventative healthcare because of the costs associated with screenings. As a lot of people are uninsured, those who are insured have to face high deductions, as a result Americans avoid going to the doctors for minor issues, as a result health problems that could be detected at earlier sates, are usually ignored or remain unknown. As a result not only the patient suffers in terms of his or her health but also because system has to bear additional costs, as cost of preventative medicine is only a fraction of the cost of a major disease. A government system like Medicare encourages senior citizens to seek help, similarly a universal healthcare system would encourage everyone and incentive to visit medical practitioners (Messerli).

Patients who have preexisting conditions can still avail the services that they otherwise would not have been able to utilize. One of the major issues with the lack of coverage and dependency on private healthcare is that those people who have prior or present conditions usually don’t get insurance or if they do they have to pay very high premium. The choice is to use up all the money and end bankrupt or to just leave the illness untreated. According to Messerli:

In a universal system, no one with a pre-existing condition would be denied coverage. People could change jobs without fearing the loss of health insurance.

Universal healthcare or socialization of healthcare is a right of all American citizens, as mentioned before even, though it has been criticized for increase in government spending, however the reality is that, universal healthcare would not only provide healthcare services to all Americans, it will also increase economic efficiencies and streamline the healthcare services, encouraging all to seek medical help instead of only the most privileged individuals in the society.

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