Essay: Problems faced by Afghan educational system

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Based on their observations of complementary education programs around the world, the researchers concluded that the most salient advantages of these systems is that they were smaller in scale than traditional and locally-situated schools. The immediate physical access, as well as the communities’ role in providing and maintaining the schools, ensured more regular attendance of both students and teachers.

Even with fewer resources and less qualified teachers, the consistency of attendance improved student learning and created educational consistency (DeStefano, et al., 2007, p. 31).

Attrition continues to remain a serious problem for the Afghan educational system. Mansory (2007) studed the dropout rates across the country by considering student data for 72 schools serving 88,327 students, drawn from rural and urban areas in an effort to provide a representative sample. In this group there were 14 co-educational schools, 29 male-schools and 29 female schools. Thirty-two of the schools served grades 1-12, 40 served primary and middle grades (1-9), although 11 of these had no students who had graduated to grade 6. Mansory (2007) determined that there was a national average of 7% to 8% dropout rate each year. Beyond this, another 22% of the students have not completed a full year of education during the allotted time and are engaged in attending school over several years to complete a full grade level of work. Students with the lowest achievement rates and those who extended their grade level work over the course of several years were vulnerable to eventual drop-out.

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