Essay: Post Mortem; Solving History’s Great Medical Mysteries

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Mackowiak in this book applies the same notion and extends our knowledge to match the most basic question – are those same diseases a bigger threat to us today than they had been in the past and, if so, what better options are there? The book links all the evidences available to us and talks on the basis of pure fact and logic.

Post mortem has twelve chapters in all, each dedicated to a separate controversial famous historical figure who contributed to the past, leaving their prints on the sands of time; mortals vanishing, while their origin and life events can be traced, their deaths have become a mystery which to the great dismay of historians have yet to be accounted for. Such is the human nature: if something is defined by a beginning then it has to have an ending and this is why we are not just satisfied with the words as in the book:

The cause of Alexander’s death remains a mystery even today, after over two millennia of scrutiny and speculation. (p. 62)

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