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In case of Guatemala, where U.S. confrontational policy was provoked by an ethical concern for human rights, was a past irregularity in U.S. foreign policy. Prior to and throughout the cold war, the United States constantly sustained conventional administrations in Latin America; irrespective of how justifiable the claims of resistance groups were for economic or political reform.

The most important United States precedence in the district was political steadiness to support economic interests, and this policy asked for forceful opposition to groups seeking undermining change by aggressive means. The previous predisposition was fateful in many cases. Instead of being a hands-on representative for reorganization and revolution, United States policy toward Latin America and other parts of the world kept fraudulent, inequitable, and frequently vicious leaders in authority and aggressively opposed forces sustaining political, economic, and social reforms.

The world has altered noticeably, nevertheless, and these changes present thrilling prospects for a significant change of U.S. foreign policy. Within Latin America, political spectators have observed an enormous return, and in a lot of cases the establishment for the first time, of self-governing governments. Military commands which subjugated the area all throughout the 1960s and 1970s were dishonored by extensive human rights neglect and their failure to generate sustained economic development. By preserving Latin American political solidity, U.S. policy has tried to encourage constructive investment circumstances for U.S. businesses in the area.

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