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Phonological awareness, which involves the ability to differentiate and manipulate the individual sounds, or phonemes, in words, is the strongest predictor of future reading success for children (Adams, 1995)

Three phonological works to be used, in order of complexity, are auditory amalgamation, auditory segmenting, and phonemic exploitation. Auditory amalgamation involves asking students to mix together words that the teacher presents in segmented form. For instance, I say “/s/-/p/-/l/-/a/-/sh/” and the students react with “/splash/.” Auditory segmenting is precisely the conflicting. I offer the expression “/sprint/” and the student must segment the word into its individual echo “/s/-/p/-/r/-/i/-/n/-/t/.” Phonemic management, which is the strongest forecaster of reading achievement, is also the most complicated. The student must distinguish that individual phonemes may be included, erase, or stirred around in words.

Direct the students to repeat a word such as “bland.” Then ask the students to pronounce the word once again, altering one of the phonemes. For example, “pronounce it again without the “/l/.” The student responds with “/band/.” While phonological awareness does not include the student’s ability to associate sounds with letter symbols, and tasks are presented orally, the research concludes that the most effective way to promote phonemic awareness is in conjunction with the teaching of sound-to-symbol relationships (Torgesen, 1998).

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