Sample Essay

In this novel, we learn how hard it was to do business in the early twentieth century. Though Kino has a commodity that is very valuable, it is like there is no ready market. When he goes to the local market, all the buyers decide to offer him the lowest bid possible, which he denies.

However, in the modern day world he would have found a ready market for the pearl, because according to Carroll and Buchholtz, in every business all the stakeholders ought to be responsible for their deeds. In the situation we find out that, Kino knows that what he has is valuable but the buyers want to take him for a fool. His brother knows that if he is not careful he will be conned so he goes ahead and warns him. In the modern day business, everybody is accountable for what he does or fails to do. Carroll and Buchholtz are trying to mix business with the social ethics by telling all the stakeholders that they should do socially acceptable deeds. (Carroll et al 43)

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