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The mission of Alexandria Police Department is provision of competent, courteous, and professional as well as community oriented police services (Maguire and John, 2006). To maintain and enhance a strong and productive partnership with the community and to continue to reduce crime and ensure improved quality of life in all of the Alexandria’s neighborhoods. They are committed to protection of life and property while making sure there is fair and equal treatment of every one. The department is not only there for security provision benefits but rather employs the locals. Currently, the department boasts of employing 138 civilian workers while the professional security officers are at 320 (Police department).This staff ensure timely delivery of security services and at the same time maintaining a high quality of the same. They are bound by their mission to provide professional and a community involving policing strategy with competence and courteousness (Police department).

Some of these characteristics associated with this police department are some of the most traits used in describing any security service as ideal. The strong partnership with the community is the pillar that ensures these departments efficiency is attained. This has proved to work very well especially with security issues related to then social well being of the community around such as the use of illegal drugs like cocaine. Idealness cannot be assumed to be there without considering the professional and the technical abilities (Moore 2003 p. 45). This security department has some of the most skilled workers and well-trained intelligence officers. It boasts as one of the best-equipped departments offering diverse security services equally and fairly to all ((Police department).). Visitors reception is also highly regarded especially when security threats are imminent which again makes this security department best suited for the residents not only around it but also far away. All these structures have lead to recognition of this department world over leading to accreditation by the commission that accredits law enforcing agents (CALEA) ((Police department).).

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