Errors might arise in the change. Therefore, surveys are important in the development of the change because too many errors might not lead to making the change stick (Kotter, Cohen, 2002).  Therefore, things might go back the way they were. However, in a year period, the guiding team must improve new ways to institutionalize the change in the training programs. As stated earlier, this will take place by employees’ feedback on the new training programs. Furthermore, there are individuals who resist change; therefore, Riyad bank must connect all stockholders to institutionalize the new vision and policy.

Moreover, the more employees feel that they are invested in the new change, the more motivated they might become and this will result in increasing their performance by the training. Also, stakeholders must understand that this change is not permanent and forever because in the future and with technology, new ways and methods might be more effective, so another change can take place in the future.

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