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At first when salt was used in the meals with meat and other types of meat (white meat, beef) but its industrial use got raise when salt was discovered as the best preservative. And that’s when the use of the salt became more common. Almost every state’s economy is greatly affected (in raise or loss) by the frozen food because of the new trends of intake of food. America in particular has the industry of frozen food selling on the highest score (Kurlansky, 2006).

The question that arises in our minds is that if the salt was not discovered as a preservative, then how it would be the state of the frozen food cultured economies? This shows the evident importance of the salt in the economic affairs of the state. Did you ever think about when using the table salt?

In this book Mark provided records of the first use of salt different countries. For example, China started its production for salt nearly 8000 B.C before. Mark introduces to the foodie culture of China that they sprinkle salt rightly on their food (Kurlansky, 2006). This book also deals with many famous bodies from the history involved in the history of salt.

For example, Gandhi was the one who broke the law of Britain regarding salt which damaged their trade of salt. Another example from the book is of Clarence Birdseye. He is the biggest name in the market of frozen foods (Kurlansky, 2006).

This book also tells about the phenomenon of colonialism which was greatly affected or being revolutionized by the salt. The salt trade helped those states which had their salt sources on the list. And when war broke out, the colonists had to find their mass of salt in order to track back their colonialism (Kurlansky, 2006).

Mark in this book takes us back to the beginning of the time when prior to civilizations, men as a vagrant and rolling stone use to wonder in the world to find the salt masses which was and is necessary for the human bodies.  In the search, men discovered many other natural resources so titling that salt was the reason behind the discoveries of world’s many important land recourses (Kurlansky, 2006).

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