Sample Essay

Secondary research has a number of limitations along with its benefits:

Different terms used in the research: It is impossible to know what the researchers have defined the different terms used in the research. Every word may have a different meaning and how that word might be interpreted might change the whole context of the research.

  • Precision Error: In a number of cases there might be a number of calculation errors the degree of which can only identified and judged by the person incharge of the primary research. In that case a person using that information as secondary research data might not be able to comprehend that error before using that information. ((Bordens, Kenneth S. 2007 pp. 133-134))
  • Researcher prejudice: the prejudice of the original researcher has to be taken into account.  The prejudice and the inspiration of the primary researcher is a valid piece of information which might be able to present positive or negative information.
  • Reliability: New and innovative data processing techniques have made the studies carried out in the past obsolete and the data might not be reliable and accurate as the current research.

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