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It’s true that no two people are alike. Even twins are different even if they have the same DNA. This difference is not just the genetic code. People’s lives are shaped by experiences that they go through. What I am today is also a mixture of my upbringing and the experiences that I have and how life has shaped and made me a unique individual. There are three stages of my life and each has influenced me greatly as I have grown and matured from a carefree youth to a more grown-up adult. In my case, I feel this growing up process does not follow a very normal and traditional path.

I am not American by birth, I was born in Jakarta Indonesia, it may seem very exotic to people living here, but it was home to me for the first eighteen years of life and it was not very interesting either as I grew up with my siblings my family was not poor they were quite well-off, we even had domestic help at home. My initial life was quite protected as I was pampered. Our eastern culture had very specific divisions and males were not expected to contribute to the family other than their financial assistance. As I grew up I was given special treatment as boys were not expected to work or clean up at home.

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