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I believe the trait which encompasses my newfound evolution may be explained by Lewis Goldberg’s theory of the five dimension personality model (Carducci, 2009). Though I am generally an extroverted individual who prides herself on her social desirability, I have found myself evolving around my experiences with my children. Being a part of their lives has not only taught me the importance of gaining openness to experience but has also allowed me to temper such ideals with conscientious and objective thinking. It is true that due to my own emotions I due to be agreeable to their agreeable to their need and I can be hopelessness neurotic in certain situations which involve their well being. However, these myriad of emotions due to seem to confined personality traits; rather they seem to be a product of my environment and my experiences with them.

As mentioned before my stepchildren have had a tremendous role in bringing out this part of my personality and bringing it to the forefront where it was not noticeable before. However, within such an environment what truly has allowed me to feel this change within me and embrace it is the freedom I have to explore such feelings. While it is true that I am still also in some ways an introverted individual who does let her neurosis sometimes let her take the best of her. This part of my personality however, has slowly diminished over time and where once my emotional traits were quite slanted towards one side they have now gained a balance which allows me to enjoy my life without allowing it to overwhelm my emotions in either ways.

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