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In an Italian culture it is highly recommendable before start any international business negotiation to get the service of interpreter which will help you to deliver your message from one end to other end in an appropriate manner which would be beneficial in the long-run.

An example of the importance of interpreter would be more applicable for the understanding of international negotiation and how to deal with it. E.g.:- Joe Romano was one of entrepreneur from the Boston, US he went off for the international business trip to Taiwan he is a director of an emerging technology marketing company in Boston. He had a good command on the local language like Mandarin and Taiwanese. After meeting with its business partner in Taiwan he said Lau- Ban ya, which means hello, wife of the boss instead of Au-Ban which means hello. So in front of 20 senior Taiwanese executives he said him a Women and everyone laughed. That is why the translators are worthy enough for delicate business negotiations. Italian peoples are also assertive but not aggressive so it is better to use the translator rather from the rejection of business dealing (Deresky, 2006).

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