Essay: Key factor in prevention of crimes

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Every single day people are attacked and singled out for being different which can in some cases even lead to their death. The question that comes to my mind is that what can be wrong with a nation which is so filled with anger?

People are attacking each other in many different ways, and it makes me think that there must be some reason for them to act like this. If you analyze and correlate different case studies of hate crime and read about different incidents, it becomes quite evident that in most cases the perpetrators have been high school drop outs. [i] One key factor that stands out in prevention of crimes of this nature is education. There should be different community programs, teaching tolerance for people with different ethnic backgrounds, lifestyles. Courses like these can trigger ones thinking and can be a huge step in diminishing these horrid, brutal crimes.

This challenge of teaching tolerance in schools comes out as a much-needed step in preventing crimes of this magnitude. By taking this crucial step the endless debates on whether or not states need hate crime laws and legislation can be practically abolished.

[i] Phyllis B Gerstenfeld. Hate Crimes: Causes, Controls, and Controversies. Sage Publications, Inc; Second Edition edition. 2010.

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