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It is reported that the US experienced a sharp drop in international students following the September 11th attacks on the Twin Towers.  This highlights the power of social, political and economic issues in the decision making process for international students, as this will directly affect their quality of life and that of their dependents.

In terms of international marketing, this highlights the effect of local issues to international students.  Gone are the days when the local news did not reach the shores of China and Singapore.  Satellite television and the internet market the host country indirectly, and higher education institutions in the UK need to be aware of this.  International marketing in this sector cannot be isolated and paint a glorious picture to source countries; instead the higher education sector needs to work together with the government policy makers through the common interest of retaining revenue from international students.  For example, the current social and/or political issue that could affect the decision to study in the UK from international students include the current debate on immigration and its effect on employment, which may portray an unwelcoming public; or the current association of the UK in the Middle East may also present international students with contradictions.

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