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This movement of international students also represents income, which is why international marketing efforts are very important for the UK higher education sector, as this is re-invested back into the higher education system to maintain the quality which is its main selling point.

It seems that the international marketing efforts are directed towards maintaining the steady flow of international students to the UK, and one would suspect that this is primarily motivated by the potential income and financial benefits to be realised from this.  Further financial benefits are also to be realised if international students decide to stay in the UK and establish their professional careers, as the investment in the transfer of knowledge would benefit the UK economy.  However, international marketing efforts cannot focus on the financial aspect in the UK, as there are clearly alternatives in the form of the US and Australia.  Another challenge for international marketing is the rise of the internet as another medium of instruction for UK higher education institutions, as it has reduced the cost of delivering degree programmes.  Other higher education sectors in the source countries may already be using this technology which could explain the increasing trend for international students to remain in their home countries.  E-learning is popular as it reduces the costs associated with travel and the tuition fees are likely to be less than normal class tuition.

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