Essay: Improving Overall Nutrition and Eating Habits

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It is essential to stay aware and have a realization of one’s eating habits and the overall body nutrition as what we eat will be what will make our lives easier or difficult in old age. The average fiber intake that one’s body needs is about 25 grams a day. This can be attained by eating green and leafy vegetables, cereals, beans, almonds, avocado and other fibrous fruits. Zinc is another vital nutrient that our body needs and is found majorly in poultry products and meat. Calcium is one of essential nutrients that all, particular ladies need and whose deficiency can pose serious bone related issues. Daily calcium requirement is 1000mg/day and about 300mg is found in a glass of milk. Other sources of calcium are dairy products like yogurt, cheese apart from sardines and spinach etc. potassium requirement of body is 3500mg per day and banana are considered to be the richest source of them.

Although fat is considered to be dangerous for health, yet a suitable amount of it is essential on daily basis. Doctors suggest that 30% of the total calorie intake per day should comprise fat. Fat is contained in oily and sugary foods, beef or steak, ice cream, mayonnaise etc and can be increased or decreased by controlling or eating more of such food.

Apart from this, in order to develop and maintain a healthy eating schedule, one should improve on exercising habits and try to do away with smoking and drinking etc as they adversely affect the health.

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