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Companies are in business to make money: The more goods and services they can provide the more money they can make. Thus all companies are on the lookout for ways to boost organizational productivity and produce greater output per unit of time. Not only does this reduce cost per unit but also increases the revenue (Stevens, 2002).

Project managers ensure that tasks are assigned to every available resource along with deadlines. The result is that there is no ambiguity about what needs to be done by whom at any point of time and with clearly defined milestones, deliverables and objectives, there is constant tracking of individual performance (Boddy, 2003). This results in reduced time wastage and ensures that the required work is completed within its time (Field & Keller, 1998). The project manager will be warned when a project is behind schedule, a deliverable is missing or when a resource has been overwhelmed through over-allocation and be able to take timely corrective actions.

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