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The ideas that he majorly refers to are of the sort that examine as to how a leader or a ruler is supposed to behave with regards to the state or regime he is governing, and what methods he should apply in order to make sure that his control over the state remains constant and dominant. His vision as far as the religious values of that time were concerned was that the state had an absolute authority, not like the one as granted by the Roman Catholic Church which stated that it vested in the powers of God and the Church, and had to be governed thus according to their morals and principles. The extent to what he thought was of the importance of religion was as to how it led towards the order and maintenance of the social order and if a need arises where the security of the state demands that it must be disposed of, it should be.

This therefore shows a collision of the ideas of the Ancient philosophical concept of the retaining of the principles of value and a more modern approach, where the state is required to be more secular in its way of ruling and governance. His belief also lay in the fact that in order for the state to be a republic it has to function as one where all the citizens are wholly independent and courageous, which was a ridiculous idea to him since he believed that such an era had died along with the ancient Romans and Greeks, thus paving the path to a society where it becomes mandatory that the state rulers have to have complete and utter authority over the state/regime.

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