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Similarly Indian brutality against innocent Kashmiri’s in India, might look like an elimination of dangerous terrorists to most Indian citizens. To the ordinary Kashmiri’s however, Indian Government and Indian army seem like the big terrorists.[i] As the saying goes, one man’s freedom fighter is another man’s terrorist, hate crimes are ultimately dependant on what a person perceives, or as in the above two examples, is made to perceive about right and wrong.[ii]

To conclude my understanding of this course, hate crimes in my opinion is a matter of changing mind sets. One has to accept that there will always be two extremes of positive and negative people in every society, in every walk of life. Just the way bad people are always trying to win over people from the middle of this extreme onto their side, efforts should be made to win over the same group by good people as well.

The key to making this work is patience and tolerance. By incorporating tolerance and patience into people across every demographic, people will learn to listen and appreciate the difference between black/white, right/wrong and good/bad. People will learn to respect differences and believe in the individuality of each other.

[i] Levin. 236

[ii] Gerstenfeld.

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