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This course has cleared my understanding that once these laws and regulations are in place the hate crime legislation with help give victims the protection they deserve. This hate crime legislation can keep the streets safe by increasing the punishment for dangerous criminals who base their attacks on hate and prejudice.[i] These offenders who commit these hideous crimes can finally get the punishment they deserve at the same time the innocent victims can get the peace of mind knowing that justice is served. There are 42 states that are already prosecuting hate crimes irrespective of what happens at the Congress.

Another important point derived from this course is with regard to perception. At the end of the day hate crime is all about perception and awareness. A person’s perception is directly governed by the society he/she moves around and the way he/she is brought up.

For example the American bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki during World War II instead of Germany, to many ordinary Americans and westerners might seem as being absolutely necessary to end the war. Yet to others it seems like an act of Caucasian racism, especially when Japan had already almost lost the war while Germany was still fighting allied forces on all fronts.[ii] If it was another Caucasian nation fighting alongside Germany instead of Japan, would the Americans have dropped nuclear bombs on them as well.

[i] Levin. 245

[ii] Perry. 147

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