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The focus is wider scale and covers the general environment aspect, such as taking into account other issues of importance such as the economic climate. This particularly, along with the demographic research, hold significance for Alloy Inc. as they are a large organisation with a market that targets a specific audience and a diverse range of products.

Since it also identifies itself as one of the strongest non-traditional marketing and services organisation, yet another look into the changes within the technological arena serve the purpose of opening up new avenues for it to venture in, or new mediums for it to employ to further the success of the company’s products and services. This then reflects as to how the changing times need to be addressed as well, with the changes in technology and the economic climate, and the demographic changes, the societal values and norms need to be re-evaluated to see whether the company is at par with the changes and ready to meet the needs and demands of the clients. This then ties up with the effects all these changes have had on the legal front, with new laws and amendments being made to polish the law so that the population is protected at every frontage, whether its the seller or the buyer, or any other third person. The information for all these may be readily available from the government agencies that have the required material available in order to assist the body concerned. Furthermore, other semi-government or other institutions specializing within the particular fields may also provide information as required. Other than that, newspapers and the internet and books provide adequate resources as well.

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