Sample Essay

The age we live in today is sometimes labeled as the information age. This generation has like no other before it has the access to information through so many different forms that were never available before. The various forms of media available to us include print media, telecommunications, radio and television (broadcast media), digital media and now the computer internet based new media. The various forms of media are growing many folds. (Lievrouw, L. A. 2004)

The importance of the spread of and easy accessibility of the information through media cannot be overstated. In this fast paced world that we live in, where decisions have to be made in a matter of minutes, the availability to these sources of information has become a necessity. During the times when television and radio were the main sources of information, information availability was either monopolized by the media giants or by state run machinery. The arrival of a new media source in the case of the internet or mobile communications has removed the monopoly of these institutions. The citizens have themselves become the reporters, reporting their opinions and happenings of side their part of the world before alongside the big broadcast television.

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