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In multi-cultural societies there exist many forms of hatreds and the most common are based on race, religion and their sexual orientation. When people take drastic actions against the people they hate fueled by hatred of this kind it is call a hate crime; and it has become a topic which is of great concern in multi-ethnic societies. Hate crime has been a topic of discussed and a heated debated on the media all since the last century. According to an estimate every 16 minutes a hate-crime is committed.[i] It has become highly imperative that the criminal justice officials and state policy makers realize the urgency to adjust hate crime laws and legislations.

The course Ethnics 125 has provided be with an insight into this form of crime in great details and has been like an eye opener for me. It has allowed me to take a deeper look at things and ask myself questions like whether the murder of Nicole Simpson by OJ Simpson was a hate crime since she was white and OJ being black or whether or not there was more in-depth twist to the case? This course has taught me that people who are willing to do a little thinking look past the difference between the victim and the convicted and before they draw any conclusions of whether the crime is a hate crime they look and observe all the other psychological elements as well.

[i] Jack Levin. Hate Crimes Revisited: America’s War On Those Who Are Different. Basic Books. ISBN: 978-0813339221. 2008

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