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“Market internationalism before 1914 was not all good. Domestic and international stability often rested on political systems that excluded the middle and working classes and on governments that ignored the poor. Only toward the end of the golden age did the working classes gain significant political representation and governments begin to address the concerns of those outside the economic and political elite. Before 1914 the benefits of international economic growth were available only to some of the people some of the time.

But almost everything that came after 1914 was bad, or ended badly, for almost all the people almost all the time. Social conflicts became civil wars, and civil wars gave rise to brutal dictatorships; commercial conflicts became trade wars, and trade wars gave rise to shooting wars. The decades before 1914 should not be idealized, but the horror of the decades after it is hard to exaggerate.” (Friedens, 2006, P. 128)

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