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Thesis Statement: The U.S. military has repeatedly been unprepared to execute its primary mission at the outbreak of hostilities.

The U.S. military and its unpreparedness to execute its primary mission at the outbreak of hostilities

Like any other endeavor, military operations of any nature require proper planning, sound logistical expertise and the will to succeed. It has not been smooth for the US military operations that have been conducted severally. The primary mission at the start of any hostilities gets marred by other immediate needs which necessitate some change in the course of action. There are several examples of such operations whose initial aim by the US military in them deviated from the projected path for example Operation Restore Hope conducted in Somali in 1993 (Allard, 1995).

The U.S. military, basing on the failed operations, has repeatedly been unprepared to execute its primary mission at the outbreak of hostilities especially in the initial stages of the operation. This can be seen in the way several operations for instance Operation Just Cause, Operation Desert Storm, actions in Mogadishu, among others have been carried out. There have been some unforeseen failures in every other operation.

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