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I have always assumed that the theory of evolution is parallel to the term ‘survival of the fittest’. Due to this, I have assumed that nature left out those people who were perhaps not strong or intelligent enough and left only the intelligent and well off at the top position on the ladder of evolution. After having studied evolution as a course however my views have changed regarding the ‘evolution ladder’. Instead of seeing the evolution ladder as vertical, I now see it as being a horizontal ladder. This refers to the earth being a place where human beings have remained unchallenged and the earth as a place has been shared. Having studied this course, I have gained a more deep understanding of the natural selection process and how it works in collaboration with other natural processes which eventually affect evolution. The incidences which me and my fellow classmates talked about in the classroom have changed my perception to a great extent. The vocabulary which I used to describe evolution too changed to a great extent.

I started to believe in the theory known as catastrophiism due to my interest in dinosaurs. Catastrophiism is the theory which states that the earth has suddenly become affected by violent and short lived events which were generally on a worldwide scope (Wikipedia). It…

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