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Newspaper ownership or newspaper consolidation is a term used by media commentators, policymakers, who distinguish ownership structure of mass media industries. These individual media industries are often referred to as a ‘Media Institution’.

There was almost no mass media regulation in America before the creation of the Federal Radio Commission in 1927. The Telecommunications Act of 1934, which was a primary decision on how mass media would function from then on. The legislation, publicized as a step that would promote rivalry, actually led to the following units of several large companies, a trend which still persists. (Wikipeadia)

In the beginning of 1900s, brutal rivalry among several newspapers in separate markets was normal. This was a rough, unruly industry with all kinds of plans used to get the lead. Papers endured by making their creation amusing, prejudiced, and highly promotional. It was about engaging and appealing to the reader more than the opposition, newspapers were targeted for specific audience giving them the type of information and enjoyment they preferred.

This competition forced improvement and a centering on serving the reader. As the newspaper industry merged, the lack of competition decreased the evolution and to some degree the direction to the reader. Newspapers conditioned readers how to receive their news in contrast to other media that developed products tailored to the needs and desires of their audience. (Fedler and Pennigton, 262)

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