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According to him if the nation was the personification of the common will, then it had to be by its very nature one and inseparable. In this case, however, the national representative congress had also to be one and indivisible, for it alone had the sacred task of interpreting the nation’s will and making it comprehensible to the citizens. Against the nation all part efforts of the estates were vain; nothing could bear beside it, not even the separate organization of the church.  To him, it was all progressive. This is part of the structure of revolutions: a long period of preparation, then developments at a strong speed leading to conclusions none of those at the beginning could have imagined. Sieyes distinction between “active” —-those eligible to vote and “passive” citizens was assumed in decrees found property qualifications for voting—thereby guaranteeing that power would be reserved in the hands of the bourgeoisie. Sieyes presents not a very liberal account of law-making, setting the will of the nation absolute. In particular, there is no technical constraint to the expression of the will of the nation.

In the end, Sieyes became a great political philosopher but lacked the guts and leadership to control France and shape his political thoughts into realism. I think many of his political theories and actions came out of his profound seeded hatred for the dignity. He first detested the priesthood, then the goodness within it because they hindered his advancement. Sieyes’ character took that as an insult. I think his theory of government was formed to destroy the nobility’s power. Sieyes did not hate the King. In fact, Sieyes loved monarchy just the same as he loved liberty. He wanted both liberty and monarchy, but he could not execute this form government because he requires the leadership and confidence skills to do it. Sieyes’ lack of confidence led various to view him as weak, frail man, but I have to differ. Overall, Emmanuel Joseph Sieyes was a great political philosopher who wanted a legitimate monarch but lacked the poise to create this form of government.

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