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A second option could be to sign up for a membership scheme of one of the many diversity organizations. This could be a good source of improvement for the company. It could get help in terms of support for the program and valuable input as to how to increase workplace diversity. The membership will not cost the company much and would allow it to enjoy experience from other organizations that have successfully incorporated workplace diversity programs which could also be a source of valuable, but low cost input. It will further allow the best practices in the industries to seep into the organization, having a marked impact on its environment and future innovation (Lee and Park 195-213).

Another step that could be taken by the Dixon Motor Company could be to make sure the change in policy regarding increased inclusiveness in communicated well to all levels of the organization (Bolen 1996). This has to be augmented by the establishment of a system for handling complaints regarding discrimination if any in the company. It would help tackle the adversities that minority and women workers face at the lower levels of the company which is why it is not able to sustain them.

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