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Abstract: welfare agencies have been developed to help people out with their problems however research was conducted as to whether they actually carry out their work.

A research was conducted as to how much welfare agencies contribute, define and also provide the necessary services to families which are undergoing many problems (Spratt and Daveney). It was their belief that the systems which exist do not reflect the proper understanding of the services which these welfare agencies conduct. The review below tries to figure out the exact relevance of the research conducted to this problem which society must face and how it contributes to this particular study.

In order to establish this research as being relevant, a literature review was carried out which aimed to identify welfare systems for children in the United Kingdom, United States of America and Australia. The welfare systems identified were particularly those which were not appropriately designed to help those families which had a multitude of problems within the same context. Despite making use of the references collected from research carried out on the same topic, the references used were very much limited to the work which they had carried out before and research which had been conducted by their close associates. Some of the work which had been conducted prior to the current one was removed from the literature review which had the chance of changing the way their research was constructed. For example, the work which was…

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