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Even if these changes are applied to the construction process the time and level of specialization factors will increase total cost and have a negative impact on productivity. The manufacturing process follows open shop patterns where different jobs are assigned to labor on a rotational basis and there is minimum idle time while hourly wage rate is decided depending on the job specification and level of specialization.

The construction process on the other hand follows union patterns of job assignment and labor wage rate. Particular jobs are assigned to specific employees and there is hardly any job rotation involved as skilled labor is required for a specific job. The hourly wage rate is predetermined and may cost the company much higher if there is too much downtime (Finkel).

It is concluded that if the differences between manufacturing and construction are identified idle time and hourly wage rate can be reduced by division of labor and job rotation. The decreased levels of idle time and hourly wage rate eventually increase productivity and processes become more effective and efficient.

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