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An analysis of the dialects of English and Arabic used by the subject indicated that, Marx’s conflict model of class struggle could not be used to understand the variation in dialects, since the variety used did not confirm completely to the dialects being used by either the working class or the capitalist class of the time in England or Palestine.

One of the reasons that the Marxian model of conflict is unable to explain the particular blend of dialects being used by the subject is that the Conflict Model views the society as a dichotomy between the Capitalists and the Proletariats. This model is rooted in the mid Victorian industrial society of Britain. Labor exploitation was rampant at the time with difficult working conditions, and low wage scales. Existence of a middle class which could trace the roots of its prosperity to means other than land or industrial ownership was not even a consideration at the time.  Hence it is near to impossible to understand the subject’s middle class sensibilities by using Marxian theories of class segregation.

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