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Not only has it been a 2.0 liter car in the new generation model as opposed to the lower range ones before but also it has undergone a sleek exterior change which now puts it at aesthetic par with some of the higher scale cars around.

This is matched by a plush interior that boasts space and luxury as well. While the rise in price means it may turn off some of the usual customers, this can be seen to be a strategy suited to the product in the long run as the higher margins to be achieved later on as the brand image sinks in may justify the short term losses and it also allows room for association with luxury and high-end emotions as will be illustrated next.

Honda takes the harmonious image further in every step of the brand creation of the Accord. One of the latest advertisements for the car was the Honda Cog advert which showcases different parts used in the Accord vehicle working in perfect unison without a glitch (Honda Accord Commercial 2008).

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