Sample Essay – Delphic Oracle

The Delphic oracle, which shows Socrates as the wisest person, meant that he could not ask for advice from any other person. Due to this, Socrates chose to be doing the things that he thought were correct as per his line of thinking. He considered all the people around him as being not wise as him. This led to his death for he acted the wise man in his detention and eventual trial.

Socrates seems to have been ready for his death for he did not offer any resistance. If he had chosen to be banished, then his death penalty would have been quashed but he resolved to be sarcastic. This was an effective method for the authorities have to know that he was sure about his teachings. Although they thought that they could not be questioned on how they governed, they found that Socrates was ready to do that. If he opted for banishment then his students would not have had a reason to trust his teachings, thus he showed his followers that what he told them was the truth.

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