Sample Essay

There have been a number of research studies done on the effectiveness of the inclusion program (Rea, Mclaughin and Thomas, 2002; Bottge et al., 2002; Schmidt, Rozendal and Greenman, 2002). However, there were only a few researchers who have explored the program in the high school setting. These studies are often based on test results, and grades. There is not enough evidence that suggest whether the program is effective of not in the perspective of the students. Although there are studies that explored the perspective of the educators on the program’s effectiveness, there were only a few studies that explored the perspective of the students. Moreover, there were not enough studies that followed the students as they grew older and proceeded to high school. Subjects in high school are different from the subjects in middle school and lower levels.

Aside from the existence of the inclusion program, there were also few studies that stressed the effects of the program on specific subject areas, especially on mathematics. Studies that used the survey method focused more on the objective responses of the respondents such as teachers who are implementing the program in their classes. There is a need to further substantiate the perspectives of teachers and students with the use of statistical data and analysis.

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