Essay: Cross cultural communication

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The Palestinian Arab community in Adelaide is a tightly knit one, deference to authority and respect for elders is one of the essential traits of their everyday existence. These traits were evident in the subject’s communication patterns too. The subject was observed to not raise his voice in front of his familial elders. Another feature of the Arab community is their sense of honor and pride. The subject was observed using words that reflected his belief in honor and respect and sense of pride in his heritage. The subject’s language also reflected his community’s shared sense of pain over their history.

Cross-cultural communication thus can be defined as a form of communication that occurs between people aligned to a way of thinking that is taught and reinforced by a group of people. Culture is a systemic way of thinking and thus spans way beyond just ethnic affiliation. It also encompasses age, gender etc. Deep involvement and indoctrination by our culture makes us believe that our way of thinking and communicating is the only way of thinking. It is helpful to understand that different cultures view communication in the background of their own unique sets of assumptions and world views. It would be helpful for all of us to understand and honor these diverse worldviews.

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