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Abstract: Animal testing has been around for many years and is conducted on almost every product available however there is much debate surrounding it.

From the time when we are born until the time we become adults, we will find many products which have been tested on animals. These products range from pampers worn by you as a child and perhaps even the shampoos you are bathed with. While growing up, you may use other products such as Sunsilk, Febreeze and even Gillette (These are some of the companies which conduct animal testing). Our lives are very much surrounded by animal testing even if we are not aware of this. It is estimated that about 100 million animals are tested on worldwide (Animal Rights). Animal testing is something which began due to people have a certain kind of curiosity. The basic idea which led to animal testing is that of how the inside of an organism operates and what it looks like; this is perhaps the most basic idea which led to people conducting tests on animals. Due to human dissection having been termed as illegal, the next best option was to conduct dissection and testing on animals in order to gain knowledge regarding living organisms (Animal Testing). There is much debate and controversy which surrounds the topic of animal testing. This is something which began in 19th century when vaccines were created for children. Before these were used on children, they were tested on monkeys, pigs, and mice. It was based on the idea that humans are very similar to primates (Charles Darwin). This led to…

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