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Both the companies’ brands can be seen to follow certain theories of consumer behavior in their marketing plans which seek to reflect upon the vehicles and create a relationship with the consumers. These however are followed differently and with regards to different underlying philosophies attached to the product.

One important concept that is used is of psychological motivation (Clifton, 2009). This is basically the creation of an activated state in consumers that can lead to a certain goal oriented behavior being inculcated which is directly aimed at selling the product. Motivation can be said to consist of urges or wishes which become the starting elements in a process that ultimately leads to certain types of desired behaviors being elicited. This motivation can be said to be inherently linked with stimuli which create a “need” in a consumer (Kumar, 2010). Breaking down these needs in psychology, these can be either expressive, such that they become a need for the consumer on an aesthetic level, reflecting a certain aura around the consumer, or they become utilitarian needs as they fill a certain void. Toyota can be seen to make a strong use of stimuli that use the concept of motivation and need as will be shown in the following sections.

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