Sample Essay

While doing this study the ethical issues will be taken in consideration.  Regarding the rights of the research participants (patients and non-patients) the main focus will be on three factors, the patients consent, anonymity and confidentiality.

The research participants will be fully informed about the procedures and the risk of harm/s related with the study under consideration. Both physical and psychological harms will be explained to them. A consent form (specifying all the details associated with this research) will be signed by the research participant.

The participant or the patient belonging to any human race will be given equal respect and treated as an individual. The patients and participants identity will remain anonymous throughout the research.Under all circumstances the confidentiality will be respected. All the information gathered from the patient and their medical records will be safeguarded and will not be disclosed to any person or institution.  All the participants will be coded and their names will not be used in the research.


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