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Abstract: women have been fighting for equality with men in all aspects of life for many years and have still not been able to achieve it to a great extent.

For a long time, women have been working hard and have been struggling to achieve equal benefits, equal pay and equal rights as men. When Title IX was passed by Congress, many women believed that they had won the war for equality however this was not true. They still had a mighty long way to go.

The Educational Amendment was passed b Congress in 1972. a section of this amendment, Title IX prohibited the discrimination of women and girls in an education system which was funded by the government/state. This included athletic programs as well (Feminist Majority Foundation). The reason behind Congress has come up with Title IX was due to there being inequalities in sports which took place at college (McCullough). The progress made due to the passing of Title IX has been immense and to such an extent that the ratio of girls found in high school sports teams has increased from 1 in every 27 to 1 in 3 these days.

Once Title IX was signed in the year 1972, the number of men who coached women’s sports teams rose by 90% (Feminist Majority Foundation). Today, men coach around 50 percent of all of college sports teams of women whereas women only coach around 2 percent of the men’s sports teams (Feminist Majority Foundation). There are however great differences in the amount of salary earned by the men coaches and women coaches. Earlier, the average difference in the salary between a coach for a man’s team and a coach for a woman’s team was somewhere between 18-25,000 dollars (Gender Equity). Even if the female was dominant and…

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