Essay: Children Junk Food and Marketing Strategies

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The reason for junk food being a hot favorite among children is not only its appealing taste for children’s taste buds but also an intelligent advertising strategy to attract children in the first place towards itself. According to a recently published report in the famous The Guardian, it is revealed that billions of pounds are spent on a daily basis in the advertising gimmicks aimed at attracting more and more children to buy the junk products.  Some find no harm in junk food-related advertisements being aired on television during the children shows time simply because it earns them the desired profit and more importantly, is by no means illegal. A large section of the society on the other hand strictly disagrees to this idea as children are easily attracted to such advertisements which eventually pose a serious threat to their health as ‘most of the products advertised on television are considered as high-fat and high-sugar foods.’ (Richard P. Adler, 1980, p124)

A. bell and others (2009) state that unhealthy food advertisement rate increases by 78% during children programs in comparison with other television shows. This directly implies that children are the main target audience of junk food manufacturing companies.  Also, advertising via television has been considered the most viable method for marketing junk food as children are most directly connected to this medium. A study carried out in America also reveals that during Saturday morning, when children are most likely to be watching, one food commercial is shown every eight minutes (Robert A. Bell 2009).

The junk food advertisements avidly captivate children’s attention because most of such commercials show celebrities and sportsman endorsing their products. Children seeing their heroes instantly get attracted because they don’t have the sensibility to realize that it’s just a marketing gimmick.

The point to realize is this continued marketing may cause several undesirable effects on the children such as health damage and can lead to lack of nutrition knowledge.

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